#WEWYN: We’re Exactly What You Need


The spectacle of communication. The brave challenge of making history, adding value to your work with simplicity.

Productions, Events Design and Planning, Sustainable Events Management, Press Conferences, Congresses, Conventions, Products Presentation, Brands and Products Promotion, Parades, Road Shows, Incentives, Team Building, ECM, Strategic MKTG, Architectural Planning, Furniture Rental, Hostess and Steward, Insurance, Copyrights Paperwork, Media Communication, Tents, Catering, Graphic Design and Print, Gadgets.


Past events fading in our memory… now live on beyond time.

Communication Technology, iOS and Android APP Development, SEO, System Integration, Web Design Planning and Development, Graphic Design and Multimedia Programming, Encoding, Webinars, 3D Modeling, Digital Signage.


Not only we make your dreams and ideas come true; we stage them!.

Post Production, Video Presentations, Video Graphics, Backstage, Jingles, Editing, Corporate Presentations, Production and Tv ADS, Promos, Showreels, Video Clips, Storyboards, Animations, Photographic Services, Sound and Video Services, Light Services and Lighting Design, Production Services, ENG Troupes.


The tangible dimension of your successes and goals.

Location Scouting, Stock On-Line, On-Location/Set, Consulting and Lease Agreement Negotiation, Insurance Policies, Location Management, Permits Paperwork.

Daily activities

just to be clear
Production 99%
Events 98%
Graphics 70%
Creation 97%
Video 80%
Location 68%

We work with: